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What is a Domain Name and Hosting?

Securing a suitable domain name and finding a reliable hosting provider are the first crucial steps you will need to take when starting your journey to online success.

When the Internet was born, search engines weren’t anything to write home about. Searchers usually took a lucky guess of what a URL would be and typed it out, suffixed with a .com in the address bar. If it worked, Hallelujah! Even today with Google, Yahoo and Bing carrying out the search for you, having a suitable domain still plays an important role when it comes to being found online.

Domain Names and Hosting
Think of a domain name i.e. yourcompany.co.uk as an identifier of you, the author of a website, business or otherwise. A domain name gives a website a unique address which helps guide a searcher to the right destination.

A relevant domain name and a reliable hosting provider are vital when trying to grow a business online. After a website has been designed, the web files are stored within a server. Hosting provider’s effectively rent you a space on their physical servers where you can store your web files.

HostGator and Hoghost are two of the most popular companies that come to mind when talking about web hosting. Hostgator offers unlimited storage, along with unlimited bandwidth in addition to a static IP. Hoghost is a rapidly growing UK hosting provider offering customers a cost effective and economic hosting service with lightning fast professional support. If you are targeting the UK market, it is recommended to choose a UK hosting provider such as Hoghost, Hostgator is US based. No matter which hosting company you choose, a good hosting provider is key and will make the administrative side of running a website a whole lot easier.

What is a Domain Extension?
Most people are familiar with the generic top level domains, commonly known as gTLDs. The popular extensions of this type are .com .co.uk .net .org .biz and so on. gTLDs are open for registering throughout the world and can be done regardless of a person’s residence, age or nationality.

To break them down further, all domains have been created and are used for a particular purpose, for instance .com is used for commercial websites, .net for network companies, .biz for business websites, and .org for non-profits. While there are many others, these are the syntaxes that are the most recognizable.

Every country and even every island has its own domain extension for instance .AU .CA .UK and so on, these are called Country code domains or ccTLDs. If you are UK based, we recommend a .co.uk domain extension, if you offer services worldwide, opt for a .com extension.

If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider or you would like to us to register a domain for you on your behalf get in touch with Smart Design Consultants for a reliable service with all the bells and whistles that come with great hosting and domain registration.


How to Choose a Web Designer

A company website is the first point of contact between a business and a client, all the more need to have a great looking and functional website to make an impression.

When it comes to designing a website for your business, people often ask themselves the question, user friendly or search engine savvy? Well, why not both? Creativity and the impact it has on an online audience can be seen all over the web. Most businesses portray their positive approach to SEO and their savvy clientele by designing great looking websites, which can be considered as the perfect marketing machine. However this doesn’t have to be reserved for the larger, well-known online businesses, many start-ups and SMEs can also get themselves a great looking website that will help attract organic customers and provide reassurance to existing clients at the same time. This is where a professional hand can make all the difference in the web design world, and here’s how you’ll find one.

The Perfect Website Designers
The following are some of the ways in which you can scope out the best in the business.

First things first, when you’re choosing a web design company for the first time, you will need to narrow down the prospects. The best way for you to do this is by making a selection based on your website needs.

Check Out their Website
If a company is offering website designing services, their own website should be the ultimate example of a creative, fun and functional website. If it’s not up to scratch, save yourself the hassle and try the next one.

Pricing Structure
Beware of the web developers pricing projects by the ‘page’. They often work out relatively expensive. Professional web designers will be willing to provide a price for the whole project.

Intellectual Property
Find out about intellectual property ownership of the site. Choose a web designer who will give you ownership of your site. This enables you to make changes and updates to the site later down the line without using the original designer

Domain Name
Ask the designer if your domain name i.e. yourcompany.co.uk will be registered in your name along with your contact information or whether it will be registered in the web designers name. It’s important the domain is registered with you so you are not tied in with your web designer forever more.

Now that you have a good idea of what you want and what they are offering, contact the web design company and find out about their product offerings. That is, the facts, not the sales pitch.

Creating a well challenged and equally designed website will all depend on having a proper insight into the products and services you provide. This allows the web design company to develop a website that enables you to utilize the platform in a way that is most suitable to your business model.

Hiring the services of a web design company that has been in the business for a while will allow you to get a design which communicates with your audience and will give you a better choice when it comes to taking their call.

Last, but certainly not the least, hiring an experienced web design company will allow you to get the best design for your website’s landing page, consequently, enticing visitors to stay longer changing visitors into clients.

Smart Design Consultants is the company that offers all of the points mentioned above and more. Why not tick one step off your list by exploring the rest of our website.